accretion (उपलेप)

बंगाली में ( in Bengali ): 

उपलेप ( upalepa)

हिन्दी में ( in Hindi ): 

अभिवृद्धि ( abhivridhi)

गुजराती में ( in Gujarati ): 

कांप आधारित भूमिवृद्धि ( Kampa adharita bhumivridhi)

मलयालम में ( in Malayalam ): 

वृद्धि ( vridhi)

कन्नड़ में ( in Kannada ): 

मड्डि भूमिवृद्धि ( maddi bhumivridhi)

मराठी में ( in Marathi ): 

उपवृद्धि ( upvridhi)

तमिल में ( in Tamil ): 

वन्डल तिरट्टु ( vandala tirattu)

तेलगू में ( in Telugu): 

मेटा ( Meta)

अन्य स्रोतों से: 
Accretion (atmosphere), the process by which water vapor in clouds forms water droplets around nucleation sites

Accretion (geology), the increase in size of a tectonic plate by addition of material along a convergent boundary

Accretion (coastal management), the process where coastal sediments return to the visible portion of the beach following storm erosion

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