Broken pipe lines.

Sir,It is so dreadful to know that more than 50 %water pipe lines in our country is either broken , worn out or in a dilapidated condition. God knows - how much water could reach to the thirsty population in Latur recently, in spite of very commendable and brilliant efforts done by the Railway Ministry. If the supply was direct it is ok. But if it was through pipe lines, there is every possibility that half of the water would have gone unutilised/wasted. Let us explore the means of rail transport as a parmanent measure for fighting drought. Today it is Latur, tomorrow any other region.The concerned State governments have to be eary birds about water resources. They should sign MOU with the IR much in advance of the onset of monsoon.I hope this portal will inform the visitors about  all the anxieties mentioned above and oblige.


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