प्रोग्राम कॉर्डिनेटर/ सीनियर रिसर्चर

सेंटर फॉर साइंस एंड इनवायरमेंट द्वारा प्रोग्राम कॉर्डनेटर/ सीनियर रिसर्चर के पदों के लिए आवेदन आमंत्रित हैं।

CSE needs Programme coordinators/Senior researchers

(Source: R KSrinivasan, Centre for Science and Environment)
CSE is looking for colleagues to work on different research and advocacy programmes - - from air and water pollution to food safety, climate change and community support on environmental impact assessment. They need people with high order of skills and deep commitment to making a difference.

Check for more on the different positions or write at:

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