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वर्षाजल संचयन की विधि

क्षेत्र कोई भी हो, बर्षा जल संचयन सभी के लिए जरूरी है। आर्किटेक्ट देव्यानी वर्षीजल संचयन के एक सिस्टम के बारे में बता रही हैं।

Tags- Rainwater harvesting, Hindi water, Water Storage, India urban water, science and technology

more info

the video was good...but written information would be more useful.........

Rain water harvesting

It is outstanding video. Rain water harvesting is must to day, so it should be brought to the knowledge of each and everyone through media or whatever is available. Initially steps should be taken by governement/state govt. for implementing the same for any new construction and in govt. offices, colony, premises.

J.M. Nandanwar

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