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डॉ विजय वर्मा
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Ph : +91-1334 -245333, 246241
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Jagjeetpur, Kankhal Hardwar Uttarakhand, India -249408
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Matri Sadan is a Divine Planning - a planning that reveals its motto towards universal fraternity. Its codes of conducts are the derivatives of Indian Vedic Tradition carried forward/transmitted, till date, by successive spiritual preceptors of heritable lineage. Shri Gurudeva, the synonymous with Matri Sadan, is last in such an order. As in the Vedic Gurukul, Vedic Codes could be maintained so easily under the gracious/selfless umbrella of the saint heading that Gurukul (University in forest) so could be seen here at Matri Sadan due to the best aura of Shri Gurudeva. Maintenance of celibacy is the foundation of Matri Sadan and also the end to realize the same as the Brahmand ¼ czºek.M ) Himself (the Almighty of the Vedanta). All the Sanyasins inherently exercise both qualitative and quantitative Tapas in jubilant manner. One can easily see how selfless actions are trodden so naturally. The working principles of Matri Sadan can hardly be grasped through material mind which, when have the resources, can make a plan and execute.