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MATRI SADAN is a divine organization came through clairvoyance in 1994 at Badrinath. Its activity is in according with the Vedic tradition. It is not a simple ashram but a divine institution controlled and directed by the Divine. Its every activity is directed by the subtle power. That subtle power is the controller of the universe. Therefore its every action goes towards the unification of Self. The activity of MATRI SADAN is Kriya Yoga. The Kriya Yoga is divided into two parts; one part is the inner Kria Yoga, which is described in many Mantras in Vedas. The outer Kriya Yoga is selfless service that is to purify the surroundings. The unity of the two is the Vedic Yagya performed daily at MATRI SADAN. Vedic Yagyas unify the inner Kriya as well as the outer Kriya. In this way MATRI SADAN is the abode of total purification and total development of an individual. Therefore the activity in MATRI SADAN provides the opportunity to the society to remain in peace, tranquility, happiness & stability.