Absorptive root In hindi (अवशोषक मूल)

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अवशोषक मूल
जल में घुले हुए खनिज पदार्थों का अवशोषण करने वाली जड़।

अन्य स्रोतों से
Roots are equally important in plant growth as leaves and stems because they provide the chlorenchyma cells of stems and leaves with a steady supply of water and dissolved minerals. They have four primary functions:

Anchorage-Roots permeate the soil to locate water and minerals. In doing so, they anchor the plant in one place for its entire life.
Storage-Roots store large amounts of energy. In biennials these reserves are concentrated in only one or a few roots. They are harvested in their first year of growth, before the plant uses the stored energy for vegetative growth and reproduction.
Absorption-Roots absorb large amounts of water and dissolved minerals from the soil.
Conduction-Roots transport water and dissolved nutrients to and from the shoot. The roots of plants even transport carbon dioxide for photosynthesis. The leaves of these plants usually have thick cuticles and lack stomata.

वेबस्टर शब्दकोश ( Meaning With Webster's Online Dictionary )
Urdu: جاذب جزر.

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