भंडारण, संग्रहण (Storage Meaning in Hindi)

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भंडारण, संग्रहण (Storage Meaning in Hindi) 
संग्रहण - खाद्य पदार्थ आदि उपयोगी तत्त्वों का संग्रहण जैसे मूली की जड़ में।

भंडारण, संग्रहण (Storage definition in English)  1. Storage 1. Water artificially or naturally impounded in surface or underground reservoirs. The term regulation refers to the action of this storage in modifying downstream streamflow.

भंडारण, संग्रहण (Storage definition in English)​​​​​​​  2. Water naturally detained in a drainage basin, such as ground water, channel storage, and depression storage. The term drainage basin storage or simply basin storage is sometimes used to refer collectively to the amount of water in natural storage in a drainage basin.



भंडारण, संग्रहण (Storage Meaning in English)​​​​​​​  Word Expalnation

The long-term impounding of water, either in surface or in underground reservoirs, for future use.