डिस्चार्ज, विसर्जन (Discharge Meaning in Hindi)

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डिस्चार्ज, विसर्जन (Discharge Meaning in Hindi) 

डिस्चार्ज, विसर्जन (Discharge Definition in Hindi) 1. डिस्चार्ज 2. (ड्यूटी) निभाना, पूरा करना, निर्वहन, पालन, 3. चुकाना, (ऋण का) उन्मोचन 4. सेवा-मुक्त करना, सेवा मुक्ति , कार्य- मुक्ति 5. (अस्पताल ले) छुट्टी 6. हटाना

डिस्चार्ज, विसर्जन (Discharge Definition in Hindi) 2. Discharge - volume of water moving down a channel per unit time. See also channel-forming, effective, and bankfull discharge.

डिस्चार्ज, विसर्जन (Discharge Definition in English) 2. Discharge -

The volume of water that passes through a given cross-section per unit time; commonly measured in cubic feet per second (cfs) or cubic meters per second (m3/s). Also referred to as flow.

In its simplest concept discharge means outflow; therefore, the use of this term is not restricted as to course or location, and it can be applied to describe the flow of water from a pipe or from a drainage basin. If the discharge occurs in some course or channel, it is correct to speak of the discharge of a canal or of a river. It is also correct to speak of the discharge of a canal or stream into a lake, a stream, or an ocean. (See also streamflow and runoff.)

Discharge data in USGS reports on surface water represent the total fluids measured. Thus, the terms discharge, streamflow, and runoff represent water with sediment and dissolved solids. Of these terms, discharge is the most comprehensive. The discharge of drainage basins is distinguished as follows:

Yield: Total water runout; includes runoff plus underflow.

Runoff: That part of water yield that appears in streams.

Streamflow: The actual flow in streams, whether or not subject to regulation, or underflow.

Each of these terms can be reported in total volumes or time rates. The differentiation between runoff as a volume and streamflow as a rate is not accepted. (1)

विसर्जन, डिस्चार्ज (Discharge in Hindi) शब्द का अनुप्रयोग

1. There is a ban on the toxic discharge.
2. The officer discharged his duties with devotion.
3. The goods will be auctioned in order to discharge the debt.
4. The police man was discharged from the police force for misconduct.
5. The employee has been discharged from the hospital too early.
6. The factory was fined for discharging toxic waste into the river.

1. विषैले डिस्चार्ज पर प्रतिबंध है।
2. अधिकारी ने समर्पण के साथ अपनी ड्यूटी पूरी की।
3. कर्ण चुकाने के लिए माल नीलाम किया जाएगा।
4. पुलिसकर्मी को कदाचार के लिए पुलिस बल से सेवा-मुक्त किया गया।
5. कर्मचारी को अस्पताल से जल्दी छुट्टी दे दी गई।
6. नदी में विषाक्त अपशिष्ट बहाने के लिए कारखाने पर जुर्माना लगाया गया था।