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संपर्क व्यक्ति
फोन न.
9444296085, 9840272098, 9381041637
डाक पता/ Postal Address
NEER ExNoRa, Plot No.24, Door No.9, IInd Cross St Rajeswari Nagar, Puzhithivakkam Chennai -600 091
Exnora International is the parent organisation of Neer Exnora. 
Mr M B Nirmal is the Founder and Chairman of Exnora International.

Neer Exnora is a Non-Governmental Organisation registered as a ‘Trust’ vide Registration Document No.2403/07 dated 09/11/07, SRO Alandur, Tamil Nadu, India.

The Board of Trustees of Neer Exnora comprises of the following persons:

1. Chairman : Mr S Rangarajan (
2. Vice-Chairman : Mr K R Sivaraman (
3. General Secretary: Mr V Subramanian (
4. Treasurer : Mr V Rama Rao (
5. Joint Secretary : Mrs Latha Ramanujam

Neer Exnora will be shortly co-opting Experts for handling the Legal Services and the Regional Affairs.
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