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संपर्क व्यक्ति
विनोद जैन
फोन न.
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In 1996-97 Mr. Jain gave the name of his battle “TAPAS”- N.G.O and since then “TAPAS” has taken many burning issues like Augmentation of water resources in Delhi, Revival of water bodies in Delhi, inflated Electricity bills, Correction of electricity meters & Revival of Power Project, Banning of Junk Food and cola in Delhi School Canteens, Recycling of Plastic garbage, Ban of Polythene Bags, curbing of vehicular air pollution, protection and cleaning of Yamuna River, Ban on throwing Religious Samagri in River and many other things through P.I.L. in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

Vinod Kumar Jain – “the water man of Delhi.’’ has forced the Civil authorities in Delhi to accept the existence of water bodies with historical and ecological significance.

A Successful Exporter of Fashion Jewellery & accessories, resides in Mehrauli Farm House area, Mr. V.K. Jain can take quite a few privileges of life for granted.

In year 2000 Mr.Jain filed “PIL” in Delhi High Court to find ways of water augmentation (Surface & ground water) in the City.

He has been showing way to Delhi Government, Indian Government, MCD, NDMC, DDA, PWD, ASI and infact all the land- owning agencies who rule over water bodies the importance of the rule of conserving & (Augmenting of ground water. Survey Committee of Delhi Government and other land-owning agencies a record of 508 water bodies but Mr. Jain was asked by High Court to survey existing water bodies. He submitted to Delhi High Court about 794 water bodies available in the NCT Delhi. As result of Mr. Jain's efforts. H.C. ordered that all water bodies in NCT should be preserved by Landowning agencies.

In 2001, He again filed a PIL in Delhi High Court to make rain water harvesting (Roof Top) compulsory in NCT Delhi and rain water harvesting on flyovers to augment ground water. Following Jain's Petition, Building By Laws by U.O.I. were amended and made it mandatory for new buildings in capital up to 100 Sq. Mts. area to install rainwater harvesting. Also, water Recycle Plants became a must for all building discharging more than 10,000 litres waste water everyday. Today , no new building can get a Completion Certificate without complying with these orders.

He has taken many ecological projects to save Delhi and its ecology and environment weather. It's ridge or Yamuna and many other important of issues objecting Delhi life of citizen.

Today, for Mr. Jain , everything other than TAPAS is secondary. “Business is my Profession and “TAPAS” is my Passion. Says Mr. V. K Jain and such strong passion that he spends from his pocket and does all research works himself. Mr. Vinod kumar jain, a former Delhi University Llecture has filed more than 12 P.I.L. on various issues in Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

On RTI act, Mr. Jain says, it is an excellent tool to get authentic information from various government department & I use this act to solve city infrastructure and environmental problems.

Mr. Jain involment with RTI started when he was not provided full information while his PIL was in the court on issues such as power theft, Preservation of Water bodies was to be defended with such information which could only he provided by the concern government department. 'Despite writing several time to department and sending reminders, I got no replies from them”.

But now under R.T.I. Act, concerned officer is answerable for any queries, otherwise they have to answer before the Public Grievance Commission and he used it get Ban of Junk Food & cola implemented in Delhi School Canteens.

In another PIL in Delhi High Court for Recycling of Plastic waste and garbage thrown at inappropriate places, the Honourable High Court has asked the people to approach the Court against the Civic Body if Plastic waste and garbage were found littered around their home and residential colonies. Says Mr. Jain and concerned officer will be penalized.

Mr. Jain forced Delhi Govt. to amend Delhi Plastic & Garbage Control Act 2001 to introduce degradable Polythen Bags & ban on throwing Religious Samigri in Yamuna river. High Court ordered All sewerage connected to storm drain have to be disconnected by DJB. All rural villages will get sewerage system as none of them had before. The court also asked the Delhi Government and MCD to give adequate publicity to the provision of Re-cycled Plastic Manufacturing Rules 1999 and Environment Protection Act 1986 that apply to such cases.

Mr. Jain further added that High Court asked to write the name of MCD officials and their Phone Numbers on Garbage places for each area so that people can approach them. Action can be taken against erring officials.

By organizing seminars and Press Conference Mr. Jain always sent the message to the people of NCT Delhi to take extra care to conserve the water. Mr. Jain says, in cities like New York, water planning is done 50 years in advance, but in Delhi we don't think even 10 years ahead about water, garbage, sewerage & cleaning of Yamuna, Plastic Waste. He got Govt. to admit 'Polluter Pay Principle'.