वर्षण (Precipitation Meaning in Hindi)

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वर्षण (Precipitation Meaning in Hindi)

वर्षण परिभाषा (Precipitation Definition in English) 1. वायुमंडल में जलवाष्प के द्रवण से उत्पन्न नमी जो बादलों में संचित हो जाती है और पृथ्वी पर वर्षा, हिम, ओले, ओस आदि के रूप में गिरती है।

वर्षण (Precipitation Definition in English) 1. Precipitation - water that falls to earth in the form of rain, snow, hail, or sleet.

वर्षण (Precipitation Definition in English) 2. Precipitation - As used in hydrology, precipitation is the discharge of water, in liquid or solid state, out of the atmosphere, generally upon a land or water surface. It is the common process by which atmospheric water becomes surface or subsurface water. The term precipitation is also commonly used to designate the quantity of water that is precipitated. Precipitation includes rainfall, snow, hail, and sleet, and is therefore a more general term than rainfall.

वर्षण (Precipitation word explanation in Hindi) 1. The total measurable supply of water received directly as rain, hail, snow, or sleet, usually measured as depth per period of time. Also the process whereby atmospheric moisture is discharged onto land or water surfaces.

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The total measurable supply of water of all forms of falling moisture.