Vikas Dhara \"VIDHA\" Mahila Sansthan Jhansi (u. p.)

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संपर्क व्यक्ति
Dr. Mamta jain
मोहल्ला/ गांव
Civil lines
डाक पता/ Postal Address
1258 1A, civil lines ,Jhansi. U.P.
जिला / District
राज्य / State
तालुका / शहर
With the help of CAPART some four hundred water tanks under rain water harvesting have been constructed in block Bangra by the organisation, in witch roof water is stored in tanks. This water has been used during the scarcity in between April to June. Along with this, several Kitchen Gardens in several places also have been established so that the total utilisation of water could be done. Having been influenced by this project many other adjoined villagers of the projected areas have personally met to the Chief Functionary of the organisation and also wrote a several letters to under take the same project to their particular villages. These people have morally supported a lot to the organisation and it's staff.Also, this program has highly been appreciated by the so called local officers and also by the local news agencies.
किस प्रकार का संगठन ( जैसे - सरकारी, एनजीओ, सीएसआर)
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