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संपर्क व्यक्ति
Bipin Bajpai
फोन न.
मोहल्ला/ गांव
Canal Road
डाक पता/ Postal Address
Bhagwant Kour Colony, Raebareli
जिला / District
राज्य / State
Uttar Pradesh
तालुका / शहर
(Trusting in immense Human Capabilities)
About Vishwas Sansthan
Organisation derives its name from “Vishwas “a hindi word synonymous to Trust. Vishwas Sansthan has been building upon trusting in the power of human beings to solve their problems collectively and individually.

Vishwas sansthan has been a new generation development organization established by experienced and committed youths with a distinct purpose and approach. The distinguished members of board support and guide the organization towards its mission and goals.

Established in 1996-97, organization was registered under Society registration act 1860 as a non profit, non political, humanitarian organization. Organisation has also been registered under section 12 A, 80G and FCRA to mobilise humanitarian and development oriented funds and help out poor families to lead a life with dignity and confidence.

Organisation since beginning accepted the challenges of working with women and rural youth and adopted Self Help Group strategy to work on health and livelihood issues. Organisation for its pioneer work in SHG quality improvement and livelihood linkages has been selected for Best SHG formation by NABARD.

Vishwas sansthan envisions an empowered society where family live with dignity and confidence to contribute and mobilize mainstream institutions for equal and free society formation.

Organising people especially women and child to access quality health services, assured livelihood and social and economic identity and recognition within family and society as a whole.

Working in geographical location of eastern U.P, organization perceived that women and child has been worst affected victims of migrating families and unstable livelihood. Building institutions and providing quality credit and livelihood linkage including health services has been core strategy of organization to address twin problems of poverty and discrimination. Organisation has taken special focus to promote farm based women managed enterprises to harness human and natural resources of the area in synergistic way. The approach has been quite successful in present area and organization has planned to scale it up and replicate in U.P.

Vishwas Sansthan realizing contextual issues has adopted multi pronged focused strategies to address unemployment, poverty and health issues. The broad strategic approach has been –1. Augmenting community capacity through promoting capable people’s institution
2. Focus on women and child to enable them to safeguard their interest and rights.
3. Build a cadre of grass root business service providers and health workers on self reliant basis
4. Increasing technical and entrepreneurial qualities of community at large and women specially to provide gainful employment
5. Close linkage with government development programmes and civil institutions for effective collaborations.

Geographical Coverage
Vishwas Sansthan has strategic plan of initiating works in different districts of eastern U.P and presently has concentrated work in Raebareli and Unnao district. The region has been characterized as high migration and poverty pockets.

Vishwas Sansthan has planned to spread work in nearby districts of Raebareli through replicating its SHG based livelihood development model in near future.

Achievements at a Glance
Number of SHG formed -323
Total Membership - 3879
Total savings – 32.56 Lakh
Total Bank loan channelised – 96.26 Lakh
Number of members trained on livelihood issues – 1076

Vishwas Sansthan as per its strategy has focused on following thematic programes and work –
Promotion of Self Help Groups (Saving & Credit as core activity)-
Vishwas Sansthan promotes and strengthens women institution around saving and credit activity, which in turn provides women an opportunity to share, participate and raise issue concerning their lives and society. The program provides a much needed identity to women and women led institutions at grass root level.
Organisation looks much beyond saving and credit in women groups and envisions these institutions as micro institutions for micro planning on development issues and owning and contributing towards development of individual and society.

Vishwas Sansthan emphasizes graduation of mature SHGs to livelihood promoting institution for members and poor people and provides number of capacity building training on holistic livelihood issues ranging from entrepreneurial motivation to business planning, technical and managerial skills. It has also been experimenting providing complementary skills to group member to ensure non threatening and complementary skill and attitude development for successful livelihood

promotion and management.
Organisation has been implementing NABARD supported mature SHG graduation to Livelihood pilot project and has been innovator and experimentator on contextual issues.

Organisation focuses on integration of health and livelihood and especially concentrates on women and child health, who are most often marginalized. Vishwas Sansthan believes that health has been underlining factor and contributor for poor families’ betterment and community managed health system promises a new turn around potential in rural area. Believing so, organization integrates health program with SHGs and other community groups. Organisation has rich experiences of implementing Reproductive and child health care projects, and generating health awareness program. Organisation plans to build SHG based institutions around health issues to provide women members an access and control over self and child health care services.

Vishwas Sansthan as a resource Agency Vishwas Sansthan has been front runner in district of Rae Bareli to form and nurture quality SHGs and linkages to livelihood. It has taken responsibility of extending its expertise and knowledge to other NGOs and Government machinery in the district and purposely organized many training program and workshops in the district to disseminate experience and knowledge gained through continued work on themes.

State bankers and Lead district Managers have been exposed to Vishwas sansthan promoted SHGs to learn SHG assessment and financial linkage process. Vishwas Sansthan has coordinated exposure visit of over 150 bankers from different states and districts to SHG and livelihood linkage projects.

It has been continuously striving to extend organizational context specific experience and knowledge to other agencies.

Key professionals
Organisation has around 10 permanent staff and 15 contractual project based staff apart from key consultants associated with the organisation for proper conceiving, designing and executing interventions. Some of key faculties and staff associated with the organizations are –
Bipin BajpaiA Post graduate in economics has been involved with organization as secretary. Bipin has over 10 years experience of rural development work especially SHG formation, Livelihood Linkage and capacity building.

Rekha Singh

A graduate having over 16 years of experience on health issues, sanitation and gender issues related development work with various agencies. Presently she manages health programs of Vishwas Sansthan.

Photograph Gallery

In last years following has been our esteemed partners and sponsors - NABARD, CARE, DRDA Unnao, Samdashini Foundation Hongkong, Ministry of Food processing (GOI), EDII, Ministry of Environment & Forestry, SIDBI, U.P health Systems Development Project, DIC, Reabareli Sir Dorabji Tata Trust.

Registration details
Registered under society registration act 12A registration
FCRA registration (Number - 136670022) 80G registration
Office Address
Bhagwant Kaur Colony, Raebareli - 229001(U.P), INDIA

Email –,

Tele - (0535) 2202345, Mobile - +91-9415090705, +91-9838885051

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