What is permissible density of household submersible pumps in an residential urban area?

Tue, 06/30/2009 - 11:25
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Jagdamba Prasad
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Dear Readers!I live in Mathura and teach Environmental Science in an Engineering college. In Mathura, submersible pumps are very common: almost every household has one pump. Moreover, people waste much water during tank overflow and in unnecessary activities. The ground water level is fast depleting. In Krishnanagar town,now the water level is about 150 ft, which was only 80 ft some five years ago. So the situation is quite challenging. I suggested people to take care of overflow then their common response is that the overflowing water will finally reach the ground water table again. Now I have cerain quearies, which go like:1. How many submersible pumps can be installed in an urban residential area where concrete structure prevail. Does govt has certain density norms or not.2. In a common residential setting, how much proportion of drained out water really reaches back to ground water table. In scientific literature, I have read that 60% of the rainfall get evoporated and about 40% recharges ground water. But about household drained water I am not sure, so I would like to know this also.There are many other relevant queries that I wish to know or discuss. But let the first query be answered. Thanking the website for it has created such a interacting platform for the common people on such a relevant subject-WATER! DR JAGDAMBA PRASAD
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