Bisalpur Dudu Bassi water supply project

Fri, 07/05/2019 - 11:10
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amit kumar sharma
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Sir its about talai ki dhani village dubali post madhogarh tehsil bassi jaipur rajasthan 303302. there is more than 50 years old water tank in talai ki dhani which is source of water management, water storage and water conservation for young generation. animals , birds, villagers and school students are using this water tank. it is saving entire community from any short of water crisis from years. this water tank is maintained by personal tube well (owner is Mr nathu lal sharma). Due to reduced water level of tube well it wont be able to maintained. which can lead to a serious water crisis for villagers in near future. recently bisalpur pipe line is installed in village under Bisalpur Dudu Bassi water supply project. if one water point is provided near this tank so that it can sustained and serve the community in both sense water and inspiration. its our duty to revive old water management system in rural areas for increase the earth water level and make the clean water available for entire community.
sir i request to to please do the investigation in this matter and provide one water point near this tank. thank you in anticipation.

hoping for faster and positive resonse
amit kumar
general secretary
bharti seva sansthan (ngo)

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